Setting up Poweramp

Launch the Poweramp app. Call up the menu and select "Settings". Continue by selecting "Folders and Library".

Now select "Music Folders" as this is where you tell Poweramp where to look for music and playlists.

You may find that all locations are ticked. If you know where your music is kept then only those folders are required. In this example, all selections are unclicked first as there is no need to look anywhere but Music and playlist_manager. These 2 folders are selected. Confirm selection by clicking the "Select Folders" button.

If you do not see the folder called playlist_manager then simply load the Playlist Manager app and long click any playlist. Select "export to m3u" which will create the folder for you.

As you can see, Poweramp now scans the selected folders.

Now the Playlist Manager app is launched and a new playlist generated. The playlist is exported by long clicking it and selecting the"export as m3u" option. (In "Settings" this can be set to automatically export).

Back to Poweramp where we access the playlists using the menu. Although no playlists show as yet, simply rescanning will find the new playlist. Poweramp will scan at intervals but this demonstration has not allowed enough time hence the manual rescan.

Now that the new playlist has appeared, it can be treated like any other.

That is it!.

Note: due to the continuing development of this app, some functionality may have been amended or changed.