Music Playlist Manager,

the most versatile playlist manager on the android market.

Important Note:

In general, Playlists have been  deprecated in Android 12 (S) API level 31.
Google will keep the current functionality for compatibility reasons,
but will no longer take feature request.

 if you have Poweramp installed, then there is no issue as playlists are held in Poweramp, not android.

M3U files can be also used as an alternative.

No other Playlist Manager offers as many features as Music Playlist Manager and a "must have" as a Poweramp companion app.

Music Playlist Manager can export and import your Poweramp ratings !!

Music Playlist Manager is the ONLY app that can update the track's mp3 ID3V2 POPM ratings tag with your Poweramp ratings  !!

Music Playlist Manager is the ONLY app that can update your Poweramp ratings with the track's ID3V2 POPM, flac or m4a ratings !!

basic functionality of Music Playlist Manager 

User Interface

Additional tabs show m3u and smb playlists. Playlist context menus are invoked by clicking the 3 dots on the right. Selecting one or more playlists is through a long click or selecting the tick box.

Navigation Drawer and menu layouts

You can add your own picture in the header of the navigation Drawer or change the background graphics.

Either click the navigation header background or cicle and select the graphic from your pictures. To reset both, a long click will restore the default.

More here

MP3 tag editing

Poweramp Integration

If you have Poweramp installed, this app will offer tags such as "Rating" and "Times Played" so you can create playlists from these too.

update the ID3V2 POPM Popularimeter tag

Especially for all Poweramp users worried about losing their track ratings , update the ID3V2 POPM (Popularimeter) tag of mp3 tracks on a playlist. A simple click will update the ID3V2 POPM tag with "Rating" and "Times Played", as found in Poweramp, on the actual mp3 track. Even when migrating to another device, you will not lose these settings and you can then reinstate your ratings by importing them from your ID3v2 tags.

Export and Import your Poweramp Ratings

There are many posts on the Poweramp forum from users who have lost all their song ratings when they moved to a new phone or when their device was upgraded. Poweramp has limited functionality to back your ratings up. Music Playlist Manager is able to back up your Poweramp ratings and once you have upgraded or moved to another phone, can re-import them such that all your tracks are updated again with your original ratings.

Note that Poweramp itself will export ratings in its .m3u playlists but the drawaback of this is that it only applies to a playlist, not the whole music collection.

Reset all Poweramp Ratings

This option will reset all your Poweramp ratings to zero.

Restore your Poweramp Ratings from the ID3V2 POPM, Flac or M4a tags

Option to restore your Poweramp ratings from the actual track's ID3V2 POPM, Flac or M4a tag.

Manage Poweramp Playlists

Launch Poweramp and automatically play the selected playlist or quickly delete Poweramp playlists in one go. Further functionality is the ability to play a song with a simple click.

SQL Query Tool

Easily create playlists by querying your music collection by providing complete or incomplete detail, using mp3 tags. Want to find a particular song but can not remember the artist but you do know part of the title? This tool will find it for you !!.


Simply select one or more tracks. You can update single tracks, a selection of tracks, or update the whole album. Read more here.

Create playlists from music on NAS or shared folder on PC

A totally unique feature is the ability to create smb/cif playlists from music which resides on NAS or PC shares. (see below for formats supported). They are similar to m3u type of playlists and are used to stream music located on your pc or nas.

Manage your m3u playlists on your Android device

m3u playlists can be edited by rearranging or removing tracks. In addition, smb/cif playlists can be created on your device but then copied to your network share or nas. Using a media server such as Minimserver, you can easily stream your music to any bluetooth device using the playlists created.

import external m3u playlists

Functionality to import external m3u playlists. So.. for all those who need to get their I-Tunes playlists onto android, Music Playlist Manager will do this in seconds.
As long as the tracks listed in this playlist are somewhere on your device, a new android playlist will be created.
For instance, if you want to migrate I-Tunes playlists to android, this will be few a simple steps without any editing etc.
Just export your I-Tunes playlists to an m3u format, copy them to your android and import them using Music Playlist Manager Import facility. Any tracks not found during the import will be listed in an error text file located in playlist_manager folder.


This playlist manager can simply deal with tracks but also handles complete albums, should you prefer.

There are many other features which you can explore on this website.

It is compatible with API Level: 30. Android R and upwards.

(*) this app allows you to create playlists from smb shares such as shared folders on a NAS or PC. To play these types of playlist, you need to use a suitable player such as  JetAudio or Neutron


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